Art Gallery

The Valley Performing Arts Center Art Gallery is located on the Loge Level, north of the Great Hall. Exhibitions are open to ticket holders one hour prior to performances and during intermissions, and by appointment. For more information, contact Sally Adelblue at (818) 677-8800.

Myron Dyal
March 14 - June 7

Paper mache sculptureCharon's Pantheon

Charon is Myron's spiritual guide, and this collection of the Goddesses in Charon's Pantheon is a true modern mythology, but one without a prescribed dogma.  The attributes of the totems in this installation are part of a primal praxis that should be evident to anyone who has studied Joseph Campbell's "Power of Myth."  These celestials have been simplified to their most basic and powerful forms.

The piece collects 13 life size, paper mache’ sculptures in the forms of human-and-humanoid-creatures.  Six white sculptures and six black sculptures stand on either side of a "Red Shroud" statue, which remains completely veiled.  It represents the unknown and unknowable feminine power in the universe.

These icons represent the alchemical process that has followed me all of my life and continues today, as they have in the past to lead me to wholeness.

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Image: As Above, So Below, 2012, paper mache’, gel, acrylic