Art Gallery

The Valley Performing Arts Center Art Gallery is located on the Loge Level, north of the Great Hall. Exhibitions are open to ticket holders one hour prior to performances and during intermissions, and by appointment. For more information, contact Sally Adelblue at (818) 677-8800.

Garden Portraits, by Joanne Julian

September 19 - October 28, 2015
Public Reception: Saturday, September 19, 2015 from 5-7 p.m.

This invitation grants the bearer a visit into the garden of Joanne Julian’s heart and mind. Step inside Joanne Julian’s garden and enter a world of ferns, birds of paradise, succulents and orchids.  Lush tropical plants embrace her studio, a haven for hummingbirds to explore and gather nectar, a place to experience the incredible diversity of amazing plant shapes and textures in nature. Joanne tenderly selects from this natural palette.  With careful observation she holds, turns, studies the subject of choice, meditating upon the plant, insect or animal.  Once the final choice is made, the drawing is nurtured in her studio over days, weeks and months. The process that begins with a journey into the garden concludes with a thoughtful memory on paper that shows great respect to the natural world. Placement on the page, use of elegant, controlled lines, a visual rhythm is set into motion. The Garden Portraits selected for this exhibition at the Valley Performing Arts Center Gallery are representative of a new series of works created exclusively from her private garden.

Joanne Julian Ruby

Curated by Philip Morrison, Professor Emeritus CSUN