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The Valley Performing Arts Center Art Gallery is located on the Loge Level, north of the Great Hall. Exhibitions are open to ticket holders one hour prior to performances and during intermissions, and by appointment. For more information, contact Sally Adelblue at (818) 677-8800.

An Artist's Journey in Haiti

Pascal Giacomini

March 10 - May 13, 2017


In 2011, artist Pascal Giacomini participated in the 2nd Ghetto Biennale, an international art festival based in a Haitian slum. The founders of the event are Vodou (aka Voodoo) sculptors, whose home studious anchor a community of artists and artisans creating an unparalleled output of art for sale on local and foreign art markets.
While there, Giacomini started documenting the feverish artistic activity in this unlikey place. In the process, his project expanded to include an exploration into Haiti’s post-earthquake art scene, its rich culture and love affair with Vodou, one of Haiti’s two national religions. 
The insights gained provided powerful enough to inspire a photographic exhibition, a whole new way of approaching Giacomini’s work as a sculptor, and the production of a feature-length documentary (running time, 52 minutes). 
Haiti has been called a nation where are is life. People want to know why, and how this is possible in such a poverty-stricken place. Giacomini’s film, Out of Chaos, An artist’s Journey in Haiti, goes on a mission to illuminate.