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The Valley Performing Arts Center Art Gallery is located on the Loge Level, north of the Great Hall. Exhibitions are open to ticket holders one hour prior to performances and during intermissions, and by appointment. For more information, contact Crystal Diaz at (818) 677-8821.

objects solitary and terrible
Bill Jehle

January 19 – March 18, 2018


ARK, 2017

The object in view assumes an exalted place: modern painting is a painting of the object. In it, Nature becomes a fragmented space, made of objects solitary and terrible because the links between them are only potential. Nobody chooses them for a privileged meaning, or a particular use, or some service; nobody imposes a hierarchy on them, nobody reduces them to the manifestation of a mental behavior, or of an intention, of some evidence of tenderness.

Bill Jehle (b. 1952, El Centro, CA) is the son of architect William Jehle and ceramicist/painter Marguerite. Jehle received his BFA from CalArts in 1974 and currently divides his time between Topanga Canyon and his cabin in Southern Colorado.

ARK, 2017, Novacolor, pencil, ink on paper, 42x30in Copyright bill jehle 2017 ARS/NewYork