Current Donors

Current DonorsThank you for being a part of the Valley Performing Arts Center family!



The Colburn Foundation

Debbie Valera and Milt Valera ‘68

$10,000 to $24,999

Carol Colburn Grigor

Horace Heidt Big Bands Foundation

David Lee

Marla Lefton ’83 and Cary Lefton

Kathleen P. Martin

Timothy Wahl and Julia Strickland



$5,000 to $9,999

Carolyn C. Powers

Sherry Lapides

Virginia Mancini

Elizabeth A. Purcell

Dr. Raul Ruiz

$1,000 to $4,999

Linda and Jeffrey M. Abell

Jeffrey Baker and Rodney Davis

Dr. Marlene Bane

John Behring and Dr. Shari Tarver- Behring

Bill Berg

Rosalyn and Neal Berg

Jane Berk and James G. Berk ’81 Hon. D. ‘11

Chuck Berney and Family

Irene Markham Boyd

Joan Reynolds Boyett

Robert F. and Susan Pfeiler Brown

Edwin Burke

Catherine and Dr. Donald Cameron Ph.D.

Allison Clago

Jilanne Fager ’63, M.A. ’72 and Richard Fager

Dr. Bonnie Faherty and Edward G. Feldman

Fred Fisher

Thomas J. Ford

Deanna and Jim Gorman

Tama Holve

Jon and Susan Joyce

Helen Gordon Lowy M.P.H.’75 and Alan Lowy

Maria S. Paredes

The Hon. Joy and Dr. Gerald Picus

Barbara and Sheldon Pinchuk

Joyce and David Primes

Cynthia and Robert Rawitch

Andrea Reinken ’80 and Don Reinken

Christi Robinson ’07 and John Robinson

Dr. Carol Shubin

Marcella and Richard Tyler



$500 to $999

Sandra and Ronald Friedman

Michael W. Gilbert

Natalie and Jeffrey M. Noblitt

Francine Oschin

Edward and Peggy Robin

Charlene Sievers ’74 and Mike Sievers

Renee Tepper

Alma R. Zatarain


Nancy and James Allen

Judy Benedict

Gregory P. Beusing

Regina Chinweze

Susan Levy D’Anna

Guadalupe Diaz

Ruth Forman

Toni Hertz

Lindsay A. Hill

Karlyn Hirschmann

Brenda Kanno

Barbara and Donald Kornblau

Aliza and Michael Lesser

Barbara and Gary Luboff

Melody Mansfield

Patricia and Robert Miller

Marisa Morabito

Irving Novick

Dimitri Rachmanov

Norma Rahl

Rochell Rivlin

Nicholas Rolf

Michael Ryan

Helene Schacter

Roberta and Ronald Schaffer

Evy and Fred Scholder

Mary F. Scott

Ligia and William Toutant

Eva Unite