Current Donors

Current DonorsThank you for being a part of the Valley Performing Arts Center family!



City National Bank

Ursula Brown

The Colburn Foundation

The County of Los Angeles

Karen Enzer ’83 and Earl Enzer ‘83

Marla Lefton ’83 and Cary Lefton

Neiman Marcus Topanga

Ventura Blvd Magazine

$10,000 to $24,999

Lamps Plus

Participant Media

Debbie and Milt Valera ‘68



$5,000 to $9,999

Irene M. Boyd and Dr. Stuart Boyd

The Tom and Ethel Bradley Foundation

Jilianne Fager ’63, M.A. ’72 and Richard Fager

Jean and David Fleming

Frazier Aviation

Sherry and Albert Lapides M ‘68

Debra Loggia

Helen G. Lowy M.P.H. ‘75 and Alan Lowy

Kathleen Martin

Moontide Media

Elizabeth-Ann Purcell

John Rothman

Sarah Leonard Fine Jewelers

The Honorable Joan and Arnold Seidel

Dr. Carol Shubin

Bob Stiefel ’67 and Ed Imparato

Julia Strickland and Tim Wahl

$1,000 to $4,999

Linda and Jeffrey Abell

Jeffrey Baker and Rodney Davis

Elizabeth Barnes

Shari Tarver-Behring and John Behring

Rosalyn and Neal Berg ‘80

Joan Boyett

Gailya Brown

Susan and Robert Brown

Aileen and Arnold Cohen

Judyth and Ralph Courtney

Elisabeth and Paul Dentzel

Donna and Harry Hellenbrand

Christina Jaskiewicz

Michele Licht

Sara Lyle

Emily and Fredric Edelman

Rhoda and Lewis Himmell

Dr. Liliane Endlich and Robert Holtzman

Envision Capital Management

Jill and Terry Ferrera

Ana and Kenneth Floyd

Ruth and Lee Forman

Diane and Morrie Glickman

Deanna and Jim Gorman

Yvonne L. Green

Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey

West Harrington, Harrington Construction

David Honda

Bill Imada ‘84

Susan Boyd Joyce and Jon Joyce ‘03

Lillian Kimbell

Sandra and Irving Klasky

Joanie and Martin Lebowitz

Dr. Diane and Anthony Manzella

Charles Mareno

Cynthia and David P. Malone

Elizabeth May

Jill Mellady

Marianne and James Mertzel

Carin Meyer ’80, M.B.A ‘85

Haviva and Michael Moroko

Mortimer Levitt Foundation

Philip Mundy

New England Foundation for the Arts/p>

Paradoxical Pictures, Inc

Anne and John Payne

Patricia and Edward Perrott

Peggy and Donald Petrie ‘76

The Honorable Joy and Dr. Gerald Picus

Joyce Primes ’75 and David Primes M.S. ‘12

Dr. Cynthia Rawitch and Robert Rawitch ‘67

Laura Gold Rishe ’72 and Jerrold Rishe ‘72

Diane and Richard Rosenthal

JoAnn and Leonard Roth

Dr. Raul Ruiz

Traci and Roy Salter

Hermalee Schmidt

Diane Dieguez Shultz ’69 and Jay Shultz

Christine Sisley and Ken Garen

Katherine Stevenson

Linda and Judd Swarzman

Donna and James Tarr

Jean and Lawrence Tistaert



$500 to $999

Andrea Abrams

Marianne H. Afifi

Dr. Marlene F. Bane

Elaine Berke

Carol Carothers

Marilyn Cohen

David Conney, M.D.

Frederick Fisher

Thomas Ford

Earl Greinetz

Dianne Harrison and John Wujack

Cherry Henricks ‘69

Judith Kugel

Janis Lake

Patricia Nettleship

Irving Novick

Francine Oschin ‘84

Nancy J. Porter

Andrea Reinken ’80 and Don Reinken

Carson Schreiber

Sharon Schuster

Jerry Schutte

Steven Stepanek

Thor Steingraber

Marlene Varnen

Janice Wallace

Lindsey Wilhelm ‘77

$250 to $499

Ellen S. Anten

Kathleen and Charles T. Dooley

Teresa Loren