Valley Performing Arts Center <em>Construction Fun Facts</em>

Valley Performing Arts Center Construction Fun Facts

15- Feet the orchestra platform can travel to three pre-set levels depending on performance/seating arrangement.  It can be set at the stage level to form a protruding portion of the stage into the audience chamber, at the audience level to provide additional seating capacity, and at below audience level for musical ensemble.

173- New trees C.W. Driver planted at the VPAC site (added to 14 existing trees)

568- Miles of wire in the building
Stretched out from VPAC’s main lobby, it would come pretty close to the New Mexico border.

622- Floor diffusers used for motionless/soundless air conditioning

1,700- Seats in the Valley Performing Arts Center

4,000- Tons of steel
The weight of about 866 adult African elephants.

11,000- Cubic yards of concrete used

27,000- Volume of earth moved in cubic yards
That’s about 1/10th of what’s needed to build an 18-hole golf course.

30,000- Square feet of glass

34,000- Square feet of panels used for variable acoustic purposes
This would cover more than one half of a football field.

166,000- Total square feet of the Valley Performing Arts Center

6,000,000- Individual stone tiles on the building’s exterior and interior
If laid side-by-side, Dorothy would skip down this “yellow brick” road for about two weeks.

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