The Nile Project

2016 - 17 Arts Education

The Valley Performing Arts Center's Arts Education Department exists to engage, enlighten, and educate the students of the San Fernando Valley.  The world class programming offered at the VPAC will provide a unique opportunity for students to experience multiple performing arts disciplines in state-of-the-art venues by performers of cultures from around the globe.  Beyond the performances, the Arts Education Department’s purpose is to positively impact K-12 student learning outcomes across all discipline areas.  As such, all arts education program offerings at the VPAC are directly aligned with the California Core Content Standards as well as the California Visual and Performing Arts Standards.
The VPAC Arts Education Department also offers Professional Development opportunities for K-12 teachers and administrators; creates and makes available exemplary models of integrative arts pedagogy and curriculum for schools; and provides arts education resources for K-12 teachers via the Internet, in print, and in person.  These “in-person” visits include pre- and post-performance workshops to foster active learning and expand the educational possibilities of the student matinee programming.
By collaborating with local schools to align the VPAC Student Matinee Series programming to a standards-based, cross-curriculum, and student-focused experience, the VPAC will provide the students of the San Fernando Valley with an arts education that will inspire the next generation of artists, patrons, and advocates.

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