Tango Buenos Aires

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Great Hall (Directions & Parking)

Orchestra - $55 | Parterre - $40 | Loge - $40 | Balcony - $30

Fri., January 23 - 8:00 PM

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Direct From Buenos Aires, Argentina

One of Argentina’s greatest cultural exports performs the Song of Eva Perón, an enthralling tango dance and music presentation inspired by the most important feminine character in Argentinian history, Eva Perón.

"Fast and furious, the dancers' feet and legs flashed and wove in and around each other, or paused to move slowly and seductively, stretching the tension within the dance." —Lincoln Journal Star

"Sometimes playful, sometimes dramatic, and always sensuous, the closely entwined bodies and limbs moved with amazing speed through deftly engineered movements, including frequent dips, deep slides, energetic foot stomps and ballet-like turns." —Ruidoso News

"...repeatedly crafted swirling, fast-paced tapestries of movement, laced with proud postures and sensual couplings." —The Washington Post

Classroom in the Courtyard: Pre-Concert Lecture*

Joanne DiVitoJacqueline EusanioFrom Buenos Aires to Blackpool: The Intrigue and Passion of the Tango
Professors Joanne DiVito and Jacqueline Eusanio, Department of Kinesiology, CSUN

Friday, January 23rd at 6:30 PM
VPAC lobby

Undeniably one of the most provocative and popular dances of today, few art forms share the historic exoticism of the dance once known as the baile con corté. Professors Joanne DiVito and Jacqueline Eusanio will take you on the enthralling journey of the tango from its risqué origins in the barrios of Argentina, through its shocking impact in Paris and the tangomania that swept across Europe and North America. Follow the composers, musicians, and dancers who were instrumental in igniting the tango flame and developing the tango into the dramatic and elegant dance it is today. Learn how the International Standard Ballroom tango evolved from the Argentine tango, and how to recognize the two different but equally dramatic and intriguing styles of dance. With its nostalgic songs of lament, melancholy cries of the bandoneόn, and flashing legwork, the tango claims one of the most infatuating rags-to-riches stories ever told.

*Faculty experts will enhance your understanding and enjoyment of the shows you are about to see and hear. All lectures will start 1 1/2 hours prior to performances and are held in the VPAC complex.