Jewel with special guests JD & The Straight Shot

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Great Hall (Directions & Parking)

Price range: $35 - $89

Wed., May 18 - 8:00 PM

Tickets on sale: Feb 6th at 10am

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JEWEL Picking Up The Pieces Tour


Jewel says her decision to record, produce and release Picking Up the Pieces, is her first "proper" album of new studio material in five years and a self-described return to the territory explored on her landmark 1995 debut, Pieces of You.

Perhaps due to Jewel's desire to confront the darker side of life head on, her inimitable vocals sound as emotionally potent here as on her earliest work, conveying an unrelenting desire to share herself once more, a poet and troubadour on a lifelong journey of reflection. "My mission was to try and make a record where I didn't feel diluted," she explains of a 14-track collection of songs that finds the singer baring her soul and exploring a wide range of sonic textures, from sparse to exotic, in a manner few have ever treaded so successfully.

Picking Up the Pieces, which Jewel describes as a "singer-songwriter's record," and one she hopes her influences, Nina Simone, Joni Mitchell and Rickie Lee Jones and mentors, Bob Dylan, Merle Haggard and Neil Young, would be proud of is the project many have been waiting patiently to hear for years. With her vast and wide-ranging catalogue, which is rapidly approaching 1000 songs - all written over the last quarter century, Jewel has indeed become one of the premiere singer-songwriters of our time.

JD & The Straight Shot

JD & The Straight Shot


The continued evolution of JD & The Straight Shot now sees singer-songwriter Jim Dolan fronting a four-person group as the band explores a stripped-down version of its sound, which is steeped in the quiet fire of Americana, with distinctive elements of the blues and mystical, rustic New Orleans-flavored roots music.



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