2016-17 Mary Bayramian Internship Program

2016-17 Mary Bayramian Internship Program


The Mary Bayramian Internship Program provides an opportunity for students interested in the business of operating a performing arts center to have experiential learning through an internship at the Valley Performing Arts Center and/or the Plaza del Sol Concert Hall at California State University, Northridge.

Hands-on and/or work experiences, including internships and participation in stage management, contract administration, donor relations, promotions, guest services and sales, create a foundation for students that will help them throughout their careers and enhance the success of our performing arts facilities on campus.


2016-17 Internship Program | August 29-May12, 2017      10 hours/week


Mary Bayramian Internships are unpaid.  However, all interns are eligible to apply for an $8,000 Mary Bayramian Arts Scholarship (undergraduate students) or Fellowship (graduate students) that will be applicable to the upcoming semesters ($4,000 per semester). Applications will be judged according to set criteria for such scholarships or fellowships.

Internship Position Descriptions

For application information, please call 818.677.8849.